English for Overseas Nurses

English Courses in Glasgow

This course is currently delivered online and is iideal for overseas nurses who want to find out more about nursing in the UK. There are 15 hours of General English classes per week, and 7.5 hours teaching hours per week focusing on skills and vocabulary specific to the nursing sector. When it is safe for students to travel to the UK, workshops and visits will be included in the programme to provide a knowledge of how the National Health Service in Scotland operates.


As well as receiving English language tuition, candidates will look at language related to nursing treatment.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will:

  • understand more about the structure and organisation of the British National Health Service.
  • understand more about documentation and record-keeping in practice.
  • be able to communicate with medical colleagues and patients more effectively.
  • gain assistance with the completion of employment application forms and CVs.
  • have an overview of the NMC and Codes of Practice.
  • be able to discuss treatments, and present opinions and assessments.
  • take and understand a patient history, asking about symptoms, recording information, and communicating information accurately.
  • understand medical diagrams and documents
  • learn how to fit into a professional team in the UK.

This course is suitable for qualified nurses who have a minimum of one year of nursing experience, undergraduate students taking a medical course, or postgraduate medical students.

Candidates must be of CEFR B1 level or above.

This group course requires a minimum of 6 candidates.

The total course fee is £1460 for the 4-week programme. This includes accommodation in a host family on a half board basis.

Other optional services are offered. Contact the school for details and costs.

This course is available upon request. Please contact the school with your requirements.

I have only been here for a few weeks, but I think it’s a very nice place and the teachers are good.

Glasgow School of English is recognised by UKVI as a Tier 4 sponsor to bring students into the UK on Tier 4 General Student Visas under licence number 18EC8KTJ.