With the coronavirus crisis, we know that no students will be coming to stay in Scotland to study English for the next few months, although we are pleased to say that many are signing up for online courses.  However, we know that normal life will resume some time, hopefullly fairly soon, so we want to let you see the range of options available to you when you are able to travel again.

We want to make your stay as safe, comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We provide a range of options in Glasgow and inspect all accommodation to make sure of this and check them regularly to make sure they maintain our high standards.  Please note, when we are able to resume normal classes, accommodation will be subject to availability at time of booking in particular - self-catering and 'bed and breakfast' which will have limited availability. Full details & facilities can be seen by clicking on the links. Alternatively, click here to compare all accommodation...


Homestay Accommodation

Hosted Accommodation (Homestay)

Live with an English-speaking host who will introduce you to Glasgow and allow you to practise your English with the locals.

Our hosts are carefully chosen and we have excellent relationships with them all.

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Liberty Park Accommodation

Liberty Park 

Liberty Park provides clean, comfortable, modern accommodation at a budget price close to the city centre. It is a modern housing block with 24-hour security. There is a student lounge/games room as well as a student study room and cinema room.

Each flat is fully furnished and contains four or five en suite bedrooms.

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Liberty House Accommodation

Liberty House

Liberty House provides, clean, comfortable, modern, city-centre accommodation.

It is housed in a part original/part modern building with 24-hour security. There are nine en suite bedrooms on every floor with a shared kitchen/living area.

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Hello to my teacher and all the staff - it was great, and I really recomend the school.

Glasgow School of English is recognised by UKVI as a Tier 4 sponsor to bring students into the UK on Tier 4 General Student Visas under licence number 18EC8KTJ.