The homestay experience

Our host families are all different and reflect the diversity of life in modern Scotland. Some hosts will be a "traditional" family of a couple with children living at home. However it is equally as likely that your host may be a couple or single person whose children are grown up and have left home.

Glasgow is a modern, cosmopolitan city and our host families reflect the different backgrounds and cultures of the people who live here. All our families speak English at home although they will not necessarily all be Scottish by birth. Many of our hosts have worked with us for many years and all are accustomed to welcoming students to their home and will do their best to make sure you are happy and comfortable in their home. 

All our hosts are inspected by the School before we start using them to ensure that they meet the strict standards required by the British Council, including compliance with gas and fire safety regulations.


Is homestay accommodation right for me?

Other guests - you may not be the only guest staying with your host. If there is another visitor he or she will speak a different language to you, so you will have plenty of opportunity to practise speaking English.

Lifestyle – you  may find the home and lifestyle very different to what you are used to at home but experience tells us that  you will settle down quickly and enjoy the experience! However it is important to remember that you will be staying in a private home and to be considerate and respect  your host’s  house rules. Staying with a host is not the same as living in a hotel!

Travelling - Our host families are situated in different residential areas of Glasgow. Your  journey will be straightforward and normally involve one type of public transport and a short walk.  You will be provided with detailed instructions explaining how to get to your  accommodation when you first arrive in Glasgow. Additionally we provide detailed instructions explaining how to get from the accommodation to school by public transport. 

Distance to school - We classify homestay accommodation as Zone 1 or Zone 2, depending on travelling time to school. Zone 1 accommodation is situated no more than 30 minutes travelling time from school. Zone 2 accommodation is situated between 30 and 60 minutes travelling time from school. Travelling times to the accommodation are based on travelling to school by public transport. There is a higher charge for Zone 1 accommodation. 


Bathroom facilities - the majority of our hosts have shared bathrooms although a private bathroom may be available with some of our hosts for an additional charge.

Internet access - many hosts have a  wireless internet connection which you can use. However this is not always the case so please ask at the time of booking if this is important to you. You will need to bring your own laptop or other device to access the internet.

Use of computer equipment and telephone - our hosts expect students to use their own mobile phones and laptops so you should not expect  to use the family's own PC or telephone and should only do so with their permission.

Study space - your host will provide you with a suitable space to study which will normally be a desk in your bedroom.

Smoking  - very few families allow smoking in their house, although some may allow you  to smoke outside.

Animals - some of our hosts have pets such as cats or dogs so please let us know when you book if you do not wish to be placed with a host who has pets.


What to tell us when you book?

We try very hard to match students with hosts and to find the right homestay for everyone. It is therefore important that you tell us your specific requirements when you book. This includes any specific requirements such as special dietary requirements, pets, smoking, internet access and bathroom facilities. Also please tell us your preferred accommodation zone (1 or 2) and we will arrange accommodation accordingly, subject to availability. 


Would you like to become a Homestay Accommodation Provider in Glasgow?

We are always looking for new families that can provide high quality accommodation in private, welcoming homes. If you are interested in becoming a provider, please click here for more information and first steps >>



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The conversation hour is a great way to improve your English.  The facilities are good too. 

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