Step 1 - Complete our Placement Test

You must complete our placement test before you start at the school. This helps us decide which class to put you in.

It is very important that you do your test alone and do not get any help. If you do, you will probably be put in a class that is too difficult for you.

The test starts with a “self assessment” section. You should state your current English level, your level for each area of language, and choose how important it is for you to improve those areas. Then you should tell us how you need to use English in the future.

We can then use this information to try to make our teaching match your needs.

The test includes vocabulary and grammar questions, a listening section and a short writing task.

You will receive an email from the school with a link to your placement test. Using this link will allow us to track your results. If you have not received your email link, please check your junk folder before contacting the school.


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Loved studying here! I recommend it to everyone :-)

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