Glasgow and Global Schools’ first Sister School arrangement


We are delighted to announce that Glasgow School of English and Global School of English Edinburgh have established a Bilateral Agreement with Ecole Diagonale School in Paris to work together to give students and staff of the French school the opportunity of studying English in Scotland.  Pictured above are Filip Zafirovski from Ecole Diagonale and Andrew Lennox, President of Glasgow and Global Schools.

The Scottish schools are offering a sister school relationship to be developed with Ecole Diagonale.

The sister school arrangement will provide the following to each of the institutions:

Ecole Diagonale will send to Glasgow /Edinburgh a group of students each year.

The Scottish schools will provide a prize each year to be offered to senior students of Ecole Diagonale.

The prize will be a two week course of English including accommodation, transfers, teaching materials and sightseeing.

Ecole Diagonale will provide an award ceremony each year where the prize(s) will be awarded to its students by a Scottish schools representative.

Ecole Diagonale will provide opportunities to promote the Scottish schools and what they offer, to students and staff of the French school.

As the relationship matures, teacher exchange will be considered and developed for mutual benefit to both parties of the agreement.

Andrew Lennox, President of the Scottish Schools stated “ I have for many years tried to establish this type of arrangement with overseas schools and I am delighted that Ecole Diagonale has recognised the mutual benefits of such a co-operation