Class of the week

Class of the week, 24th May

This week’s class of the week, nominated by their teacher Paul, is the Pre-Intermediate A class. Paul nominated them as they work really well together, are studious and have good craic (Paul is from Ireland!).

The students in the class this week were – Abdullah, Ahlam, Mohammed, Emanuele, Rossella, Constantin, Giulia, Miroslava and Anderson.

Important news for students from South Korea, Japan and Singapore

From 13 May 2019, nationals from Japan, South Korea and Singapore entering the UK will be encouraged to use e-gates instead of seeing an immigration official.

People who have enrolled on courses in the UK, but did not apply for a study visa before travelling, cannot use the e-gates. These students should make sure they see an immigration officer to get the correct stamp in their passports which will allow them to study.

Students without a visa in their passport may not be able to enrol on their course if they use the e-gates.

This week’s Class of the Week

Advanced class, Glasgow School of English
Advanced Class, Glasgow School of English

This week’s Class of the Week is the Advanced Class!

They were nominated by their teacher, Jessie, as they always have very interesting and engaging conversations and have a great attitude.

The students in the advanced class this week were – Mohammad, Ayman, Lincoln Benjamin, Carmen, Tainara, Viktor, Olga and Molly.

Congratulations to them all!