Glasgow School of English in 2019 – Friendly, challenging, interesting, recommended

Glasgow School of English students

Every three months we get feedback from the students of Glasgow School of English, asking them to answer a number of questions about their time with us in Scotland.  Obviously, we want to find out if they believe that our teaching has made a difference to their ability to speak English, but we also want to know if they have enjoyed the trips we provide for them and if they have found the school to be a friendly place to study.

We’ve now been able to look at the picture for the entire year and we’re pleased to say that our students seem to like what we do!

Across the entire year, the percentages who say they agree or strongly agree with the following statements are as follows:

In addition, we asked students to add any additional comments they would like to make.  A representative sample is shown below, with the student’s nationality in brackets:

Thank you for all. (Spain)

The teachers are nice, kind. The students are really kind. The office staff are really hard working. I really liked the creativity in my morning classes. It made me have fun and learn. (Brazil)

It was great! (Hungary)

Thank you for everything! And for printing my boarding passes. (Estonia)

I really liked the school. people, city and everyone. I really wished I could stay for more weeks. (Netherlands)

I think this is one of the best schools of English. I improved my English; I met a lot of friends from different countries and I enjoyed the time in the city doing a lot of activities. At the end, I’ve discovered how cool is the city of Glasgow. Thank you for all! PS The host family is the best family that I could find here! (Italy)

Everyone is friendly and helpful. (Germany)

It was a very interesting experience. The teachers were always friendly and classes were interesting.  Location is great, since it’s just in the city centre.  I enjoyed the trips organized by the school. (Chile)

I’ve lived one of the most amazing times of my life during this last 2 weeks! Thank you! (France)

The best place to learn. The teachers and the staff here are kind, friendly and helpful. (Saudi Arabia)