Introduction to Medical Terminology

English Courses in Glasgow

Our Introduction to Medical Terminology course focuses on basic vocabulary related to the field of medicine. The classes have a communicative approach, and are ideal for anyone new to English medical terminology.

 This course is 7.5 hours per week, and is for 4 weeks.


This course focuses on basic terminology in areas including: parts of the body; functions of the body; symptoms & signs of diseases; the heart & circulation; vital signs & monitoring and taking a patient's medical history.

You will have the opportunity to increase your understanding of, and improve your use of, language used in the field of medicine.

It is suitable for learners of upper intermediate level (CEFR B2) and above.

Introduction to Medical Terminology (7.5 hours) - £80 per week.

General English + Introduction to Medical Terminology (22.5 hours) - £180 per week.

Start dates in 2018 are listed below;

  • Monday 8th January

  • Monday 5th February

  • Monday 5th March

  • Monday 9th April

  • Monday 7th May

  • Monday 4th June

  • Monday 2nd July

  • Monday 30th July

  • Monday 27th August

  • Monday 24th September

  • Monday 22nd October

  • Monday 19th November


I have only been here for a few weeks, but I think it’s a very nice place and the teachers are good.

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